Your First Ortho Visit

A Typical First Visit Takes About 1 Hour.

We’re excited to see you and make sure you feel comfortable and informed at your appointment! Every first visit is considered an “Evaluation”, and we like to consider it not only an evaluation of the patient, but their evaluation of us – so we work hard to make sure we leave an excellent first impression!

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our front desk staff and given paperwork to begin your patient file (if you had not received and completed it prior to the appointment.)

You’ll be escorted to your appointment with our doctor, who will discuss the goals you have of orthodontic care. These might range from lower cost, to invisible braces, to “as painless as possible”. Necessary x-rays will be taken, and the doctor will evaluate your teeth and dental history. With the information gathered from the x-rays and exam, the doctor will  gauge whether these goals are achievable. Ultimately, the doctor will discuss what possibilities are available to you, highlighting which options are the best for your unique needs.

After your visit with the doctor, you’ll be taken to our orthodontics office where you can ask lots of questions and begin planning toward orthodontic care. You’ll learn about different stages of care, when routine visits need to occur, what the anticipated start and end date are, and what the approximate costs should be.

We’re fanatical about quality patient care and making our patients feel like they’re in good hands with us. During this visit – and EVERY visit thereafter – be open with us about your questions and concerns, and share what we can do to make your experience better!