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Everyone’s dental needs are different. So it’s a problem that many dentists & orthodontists offer standardized treatments designed to benefit their practice – NOT their patient!

At Creative Smiles, we only do what’s best for YOU. Creative care is designed to meet each patient’s unique needs. We strive for the most efficient, cost-effective, results-oriented plan for you. No two patients will be treated the same!

New Patients:

$1500 Off Braces

New Patients:

$1500 Off Braces

Our $1500 Off deal for new patients applies to ALL braces – including Clear Braces! From SureSmile Invisible Braces to Traditional Braces for Adults & Teens.

We work hard to make it easy for you to afford orthodontic care. Mention this $1500 offer at your FREE smile evaluation with Creative Smiles Orthodontics and it will be deducted from your estimated cost of treatment!

$1500 off only applies to braces, and does not apply to other orthodontic devices such as palatal expanders.

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This place is great! They do an excellent job and they take care of us like no other orthodontist.

Lucas Knowles